People in Krylov's Memoir

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Alexey Krylov often indicated only initials, and even changed initials, in his memoir in order to make more difficult identifying people who  were arrested or executed during the revolution or left  Russia after it. There could be other reasons as well.  In other cases, additional information ties his narrative to other available sources. This page clarifies such names and provides additional information.
 Name     Russian Spelling     Link Story
 S. P Botkin Серге́й Петро́вич Бо́ткин Sergey Botkin "In 1873 he was also made Head Surgeon to the Emperor, having been among the court physicians for both Tsar Alexander II and Tsar Alexander III."

The Krylov and the Botkin families were close.

Krylov relates an amusing story about Botkin's patient who led a regular life style, drinking a glass of vodka every 2-3 hours starting 4 a.m.