Ships in Krylov's memoir

This page lists ships about which Alexey Krylov talks in his book.  A short quotation is included.  

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 Admiral Nakhimov 
Адмирал Нахимов
 1885 armored cruiserWikipedia article: English
Wikipedia Article: Russian
 The Admiral Nakhimov was a powerful ship but unique in her class. 
 Aegir 1923cargo ship Plimsoll Ship Data
wrecksite ship data
 Thus, an entire fleet was assembled to transport 750 locomotives and 750 tenders for them, manufactured for the Soviet government in Germany: Aegir, Odin, Frithjof, Kaprino, Tynemouth, Chalister, Maskinonge, and Mendip Range

Алмаз (Diamond)
 1903 dispatch ship (yacht) WIkipedia: Russian (Bizerte) The remaining ships were the yacht Almaz, ...Our commission decided that all these vessels would be sold for scrap.
 Andrei Pervozvannyi 
Андрей Первозванный
 1906 battleship Wikipedia: English
P.M. Melnikov: Линейный корабль "Андрей Первозванный" 1906 - 1925 гг.
 Andrei Pervozvannyi and Pavel I, which were laid down after the vessels of the Tsesarevich class, became a new class but somewhat an extension of the previous one.

At that time, the outfitting of Andrei and Pavel was coming to an end, and Baltic Works presented the design for the admiral’s cabin decor, artistically rendered by an architect who was a specialist in such matters. He proposed soft stuffed furniture, settees, and couches in the style of one of the French Louis monarchs. According to the Naval Regulations, a warship must be able to engage in battle immediately in all quarters, but with this design, a long time would have been spent in getting rid of the canopies and such. I wrote on Baltic Works’ presentation, “To the deputy naval minister’s report. For my part, I believe that for the decor of the admiral’s cabin, majestic modesty of a pious bishop’s cell is more befitting than ostentatious luxury of a depraved soubrette’s bedroom.”

 1863 corvette (sail ship) No Wikipedia page (as of 2014-11-1) in Russian or English In my time, the Naval School Training Squadron consisted of wooden corvettes: the steamers Askold..
Variag and Askold lay at four anchors, raised steam, and worked the engines at full power not to drag anchor. 

 1900 protected cruiserWikipedia: English  The next time I was in Algeria exactly 30 years later, on a voyage to perform the trials of the cruiser Askold. When a navy ship lies at anchor, only the cat, the priest, and the doctor are at liberty and masters of their time.

 Avare 1912 passenger ship Marine Review 1922 (Google Books) I happened to witness a remarkable accident there. I was discussing a question about the works on the Neebing with the shipyard engineers. A draftsman rushed in and shouted, “A huge steamer, the Avare, sunk and capsized on the Elbe across from the Vulcan Shipyards.”

(Admiral Greig)
 light cruiser converted into an oiler Wikipedia: English
Plimsoll Ship Data
 In February 1926, I received a telegram from Moscow requesting me to lay up for repairs vessels Azneft and Grozneft that were arriving in Hamburg. These vessels had been rebuilt from light cruisers constructed at Putilov Works. Boilers and turbines were replaced by diesel engines, which gave them the speed of 8.5 to 9 knots in calm weather. They were to work on the line Batumi-Port Said and Batumi-Alexandria and were sent from Leningrad to the Black Sea. The ice was heavy, and they received damages and called at Hamburg for repairs.

 1900 armored cruiser Wikipedia: English At Viren’s suggestion, I inspected in detail the Baian hull and studied its design and partitioning of the hold into compartments. It turned out that this cruiser had a system of side compartments that permitted to straighten the ship list up to 15° and trim to 0 ft. by flooding only these side compartments, double-bottom and end ones, without flooding any hold compartments loaded with cargo....However, nothing on the Baian or on any other vessel of that time was arranged for quickly flooding the compartments. 

 1849 three-decker WIkipedia: English From published memoirs of French sailors, I knew that Jehanne was an old naval family. In the 1850s and 1860s, an admiral bearing this name was the commander of the French Naval Academy (Ecole Navale) by virtue of commanding the ship Borda, which was laid up on permanent anchor mooring in Brest. The French Naval Academy was based on this ship. 

 1901                 battleship Wikipedia: English I pointed out that this provisioning was not sufficient on the ships of the Borodino class and that damage to the thin sideboard from the high-explosive shells created a hole of about 100 sq. ft. with torn edges going inward and outward, ... With the damaged unarmored sideboard, ships of the Borodino class, especially in the overloaded state, lost stability and capsized.

 1856     corvette  The Boyarin lay at three anchors, the cables of the bower anchors were paid out to the cable slips, and the sheet anchor cable was paid to 500 ft. The topgallant yards and topgallant masts were lowered, and even the topmast yards and lower mast yards were put on the gunwale—only then the corvette stopped dragging anchor.
 1902     destroyer     WIkipedia: English (Ship List)
Wikipedia: Russian
 The work “On the Trials of the Destroyer Bystryi” (which underaccelerated because of trials in insufficient depth), saved the shipyard from a fine of 2 million rubles...
 Calliope  1884     corvette     Wikipedia: English I asked him whether this was the same Calliope that, ... 40 years ago, was able to sail out of the harbor of Samoa, while the rest of the German, American, and French vessels were thrown ashore. After withstanding the hurricane in the open sea, on the third day Wilson returned to Apia, saw that “the interests of England would not be violated,” and went to Sydney to repair the damage to his ship.
 Canadian Recruit  ???? cargo ship Google News: The Montreal Gazette On August 18, 1921, the Maskinonge collided with the Canadian Recruit near Quebec (The Montreal Gazette, August 25, 1921), which probably was the real cause of repairs. The Canadian Recruit sunk.
Chalister  1913 cargo ship Plimsoll Data: Chalister In early September, Derutra asked me to inspect the steamer Chalister, laid up in Milford Haven. The ship was suitable, it could carry 18 locomotives in the hold and 18 tenders on the deck, and Derutra chartered it.
 1892 cargo/passenger ship Russian site (discussion forum) . I wrote in my report, “The discrepancy is clearly seen here between these numbers, which are repeated in the passage reports. There is an approval tick (V) of the mechanical section; probably, they believe that the engine power of the Diana is expressed in pony powers and the engine power of the Chikhachev in workhorse powers, and that indicators do not require skilled maintenance and periodic inspection.”
 Colorado  ???  cargo ship Do you have information about this ship? Please comment. The steamer Colorado was bought in mid-March 1922 for £7,000. Her size was appropriate for our needs, and the new owner was approached about selling the steamer. The owner responded that he had sent the steamer to America, where he hoped to get £30,000 for her, and in late April, the steamer was sold in Canada for £30,000.