London Times, 4 December 1856, p. 5: RUSSIAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY

The Journal de St. Petersburg of the 25th ult. announces that on the 1st of November a general meeting was held of the shareholders of the new Russian Steam Navigation Company.

M.N. ARKAS, the founder of the society, said he was happy to announce that the 20,000 shares issued had already all been bought up. He further announced that Aide-de-Camp-General Zinowieff had been nominated as the representative of the Government to the company, and that he himself (M. N. Arkas) had been appointed director for five years.

The meeting then proceeded to the election of the other directors.

On the following day (November 2) the first regular sitting of the company was held, at which the balance in the company's books was declared to be 3,370,462 roubles 55 copecs silver.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin