London Times, 22 February 1906, p. 5: THE SEVASTOPOL MUTINY. ODESSA, FEB 21.*

At the trial of Lieutenant Schmidt to-day, the prisoner’s counsel objected to three of the military Judges on the ground that they were captains of ships which had bombarded the cruiser Ochakoff, Lieutenant Schmidt’s vessel. They further asked that they should be allowed to summon witnesses and that the prisoner’s relatives should be admitted into Court. They also applied for permission to call as witnesses experts in mental disease. Upon the Court’s refusing these requests, the prisoner’s counsel asked that Lieutenant Schmidt should be remanded for an inquiry into the state of his mind. Upon the Court’s rejecting this request Lieutenant Schmidt had an hysterical seizure ending in a fainting fit. His counsel energetically protested against the Court’s attitude, and at this point the prisoner’s wife rushed into Court crying to the Judges, “If you hang my husband, I shall shoot myself.”

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin