London Times, 11 June 1906, p. 10: THE RUSSIAN NAVY. With reference to the report that the Russian Government has given orders for warships to Clyde shipbuilders, the Glasgow Herald of to-day states that inquiries among Clyde builders fail to confirm it. Although specifications for battleships and cruisers have been in the hands of one or two firms for some time, no definite stage in the negotiations has yet been reached, and no orders have been placed, except, of course, the order for a cruiser of 15,000 tons, which was placed with Messrs. Vickers, Sons, and Maxim, Barrow-in-Furness, late in 1905. Clyde builders hope that ultimately, when the internal condition of Russia improves and its finances are in a better position, orders for warships will be placed, but as yet none have come to the district.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin