London Times, 27 January 1906, p. 5: NAVAL REVOLT AT VLADIVOSTOK. JAN. 25.*

On January 22 a body of mutinous sailors invaded the arms store and seized a number of rifles and a quantity of ammunition. The next day the armed sailors held a meeting, after which they marched in close formation on the house of the commander of the fortress to demand the release of prisoners. On the way there, however, they were dispersed with quickfirers. The next day General Selivanoff, the commander of the fortress, having learnt that a battery had been occupied by artillerymen armed with rifles, proceeded to the battery and addressed the men. To all appearances he managed to calm the mutineers, but when he left the battery the rebels opened fire on him with rifles and quickfirers, wounding him in the neck and chest. His condition is serious.

Six sotnias of Cossacks have been sent from Nikolsk to Vladivostok with quickfiring guns to restore order.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin