London Times, 31 March 1910, p. 5: RUSSIAN NATIONAL DEFENCE. NEW NAVAL PROGRAMME. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) ST. PETERSBURG, MARCH 30. The Bill systematizing the national defence of Russia which was announced by M. Guchkoff after his audience with the Tsar has not yet been introduced, but I am in a position to state that it provides for a naval programme spread over 15 years and the creation of a new naval base near Kronstadt. The four Dreadnoughts now building will be included. All the vessels will be constructed in Russian yards, Messrs. John Brown and Co. acting as consulting engineers.

The Bill is in answer to recommendations made in the Duma last year by M. Zveigintzeff, the reporter of the Naval Budget Committee, that the Government should draw up a programme of shipbuilding. The total expenditure will be about £70,000,000. The Duma is likely to introduce a considerable number of amendments, and in any case the money will only be voted after the House is satisfied that it will be properly expended.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin