London Times, 15 January 1908, p. 5: CLYDE IMPROVEMENTS. Extract. RUSSIAN CRUISER –The Russian cruiser Rurik, built by Messrs. Vickers, Sons, and Maxim, Barrow-in-Furness, has come again to the Clyde to be docked by Messrs. William Beardmore and Co. for cleaning and painting. Afterwards she will complete her final trials, and will then sail for Libau. She has now a full navigating party of Russian officers and crew. The Rurik is the most powerful cruiser afloat as regards protection and guns. Her displacement is 15,000 tons, her indicated horse-power 19,700, her speed 21 knots, and her normal coal supply 1,200 tons. She has four 10in. 50-calibre guns, eight 8in. 50-calibre guns, 20 4.7in. 50-calibre guns, four 47mm. Hotchkiss guns, eight 3-line Maxims, two submerged torpedo tubes of 18in. belt armour of 6in., barbettes of 7¼in., conning towers of 8in., and protective deck of 1½in. She has three funnels and one mast abaft the funnels.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin