1854-10-18 PRUSSIA

London Times, 18 October 1854, p. 7: PRUSSIA.(From our own Correspondent.) Berlin, Oct. 14 (Excerpt)

In the Helsingfors T.......ing (title illegible) there is an account of the blowing up of the fortifications at Hango by the Russians on the 27th. of August. It appears that Fort Meyerfeld was the first exploded. The Fort Gustov Adolf, which came next, was not destroyed till after several ineffectual attempts. The main fortress, Gustavavarn, required also many repeated attempts before the strong erection was demolished. The entire garrison, together with a number of country people and 200 horses, were employed in this work, while thousands of spectators looked on from the neighbouring heights. It is added that a steamer of the enemy was cruising in the offing at the same time.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin