London Times, 19 October 1906, p. 3: THE COURT-MARTIAL ON ADMIRAL ROZHDESTVENSKY. ST. PETERSBURG, OCT. 18.* The findings of the Kronstadt Court-martial which sat in July last to try the officers responsible for the surrender to the Japanese of the torpedo-vessel Biedovy, after the battle of Tsu Shima, were duly submitted to the Tsar, and an Imperial Order is to-day promulgated on the subject.

Admiral Rozhdestvensky, who happened to be on board the Biedovy at the time of the surrender, having been transferred to her in a desperately wounded condition, was tried by the Court-martial and acquitted. The four active officers of the torpedo-vessel, Captain de Kolong, Captain Filipovsky, Captain Baranoff, and Lieutenant Leontieff, were sentenced to be shot, but the Court recommended them to the mercy of the Tsar. The Imperial Order of to-day commutes the sentence of death passed on these officers to dismissal from the service.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin