London Times, 6 June 1908, p. 9: THE DUMA AND NAVAL SECRETS (From our own correspondent.) St. Petersburg, June 5. The Duma to-day disposed of an interpellation regarding the circumstances of the construction of the Rurik by Messrs. Vickers and began the discussion on the navy estimates. The interpellation was based on newspaper disclosures that the Admiralty communicated to Messrs. Vickers secrets concerning the Russian guns and deck armour. Owing to the general disfavour into which the Admiralty has fallen by the protracted delay in carrying out reforms, the need of which was so tragically demonstrated at Tsu Shima, this particular grievance has been grossly exaggerated, as the Admiralty might easily have shown. Unfortunately, the Assistant Minister of Marine, in replying to to-day’s speeches, took refuge behind the facts that he and the present chiefs were not personally responsible, and that, in any case, they were not responsible to the Duma, but to the Emperor. Practically the whole House expressed indignation on hearing this lame apology, and unanimously resolved that the circumstances attending the construction of the Rurik should be investigated by the Courts. If the matter is brought to trial it will, doubtless, show that no secrets of any value have been divulged to the builders.

From the tone of the ensuing speeches on the navy estimates it is evident that the Duma will refuse money for new battleships, as the Admiralty reforms announced yesterday are regarded as insufficient.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin