London Times, 15 December 1905, p. 6: MUTINY ON BOARD THE CESAREVITCH. COLOMBO, DEC. 14.*

While the Russian battleship Cesarevitch, which in the course of the war was interned at Tsing-tau, was in the harbour here, 100 of the men mutinied. Military assistance was asked for by the Russian Admiral and troops were sent to the landing stage. Fifty mutineers were brought ashore. General Lawrence was present. The Cesarevitch has now sailed.


When the Russian Admiral applied for assistance, the Governor telegraphed to the commander of his Majesty’s cruiser Hyacinth, which left a week ago for Trinkomali and Calcutta, and that vessel returned here. His Majesty’s cruiser Euryalus, which was starting for Calcutta in connexion with the Royal visit, was stopped. The Hyacinth has now left again. The mutineers are quiet. They complain of over-work and declare that the ship was undermanned.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin