London Times, 12 June 1908, p. 10: NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. (Excerpt) It is announced that the Russian battleships SLAVA and CESAREVITCH, and the protected cruiser BOGATYR are to undergo repairs, which will occupy about three months. The submarine boats KARP, KARAS and KAMBALA, built at the Germania Yard, Kiel, are to be sent overland to the Black Sea. The eight river gunboats of 946 tons, which are building at the Baltic Yard, have received the names of ZHKVAL, ZHTORM, ZMERTSH, GROZA, VICHR, VYUGA, TAIFOON, and URAGON. Two ice-breakers, of 1,290 tons, which are in hand at the Nevski Yard, are to be taken over by the navy as transports, under the names of TAIMUR and VAIGATSH.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin