London Times, 23 August 1867, p. 8: FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. FRANCE. (From our own correspondent.) Paris, Thursday, Aug. 22, 7 A.M. (Excerpt)

The Nord has the following from St. Petersburg: --

"While a dead calm continues to prevail here a certain amount of animation is to be remarked at Cronstadt, where we have successively received the visits of the Swedish and American navies. I have spoken of the first; now let us turn to the second. Admiral Farragut arrived at Cronstadt on Saturday, the 10th, on board the frigate Franklin, accompanied by a corvette. On entering the roadstead the American frigate hoisted the Russian flag and fired a salute of 21 guns, which was returned shot for shot by the fortress, which displayed the American ensign. Another salute of 17 guns was exchanged between the Franklin and the ships moored in the roadstead. Rear-Admiral Lesovsky, commander of the port, immediately visited the Russian [sic] Admiral, and at his departure was saluted by a salvo from the Franklin, to which the ironclad Petropavlovsk replied. On Monday Admiral Farragut returned the visit, and also paid his respects to Admiral Stchoulepnikof, commander of the fortress. In the afternoon the Russian authorities went on board the Franklin, and Admiral Farragut and Rear-Admiral Lesovsky mutually presented the American and Russian officers, who afterwards lunched together on board the frigate. On Tuesday Admiral Farragut and his staff dined with Rear-Admiral Lesovsky, who has long been acquainted with his guests, having in 1864 visited with his squadron the American ports on the Atlantic, where the Russian navy was most warmly received. In the evening the Grand Duke Constantine returned to Pavlovsk, his summer residence, from Copenhagen and Paris. The next day Admiral Farragut dined with His Imperial Highness."

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin