London Times, 14 June 1909, p. 5: RUSSIAN SUBMARINE SUNK./LOSS OF TWENTY LIVES. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) ST. PETERSBURG, JUNE 13. While the Black Sea battleship division was manoeuvring last night to elude submarines and enter Sevastopol, the submarine Kambala was rammed by the flagship Panteleimon and sank in 28 fathoms, with the loss of two officers, one petty officer, and 17 men.

The Kambala was heading in an awash position for the flagship, conned from the deck by her commander, Lieutenant Akvilonoff. When his vessel was distant half a cable’s length from the battleship, Lieutenant Akvilonoff ordered the helm to be ported. The order was misunderstood and the helm was starboarded, with the above-mentioned result.

Lieutenant Akvilonoff was saved. Captain Bielkin, commanding the submarine division, was below and was drowned.

Divers report that the Kambala has been cut in two.

The Kambala was one of three submarines built in Germany. The class has been severely criticized.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin