1856-06-09 RUSSIA

London Times, 9 June 1856, p. 10. RUSSIA

. (From our own Correspondent.) Berlin, 9 June 1856. (Excerpts)

We have telegraphic news here from St. Petersburg that a flotilla, consisting of a screw line-of-battle ship of 96 guns, two frigates, and two corvettes, is being fitted out, for the purpose of carrying (?) the Empress Mother to Palermo, and [that it?] will soon put to sea from Cronstadt. [Doubtless the?] fitting out of this flotilla is nearer completion than it was when the same news was spread [around? about?] some two months back, and the period when the Empress Mother will make use of it is to that extent nearer....

...According to general report in St. Petersburg, Admiral Putiatin is to have the command of the Pacific Ocean fleet, which is to be put on an imposing [foot?]ing. Captain Winck, the chief of the Black Sea Marine Brigade, left St. Petersburg again on th... ult. for the Crimea.

...The Russian Danubian flotilla is represented [to be?] in such a wretched state that the larger vessels [...] especially cannot be considered seaworthy. The largest steamers are intended to be stationed [at] the mouth of the Sulina, together with the guardships of the other contracting Powers party to the [Paris?] treaty of March 30.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin