London Times, 18 August 1913, p. 5: RUSSIAN WARSHIPS IN THE BLACK SEA. AN UNEXPLAINED MOVEMENT. (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) CONSTANTINOPLE, AUG. 17. Two Russian warships, the Rostislav and the Kagul, which were stationed off Buyuk Dere, on the Bosporus, left suddenly last night for an unknown destination, probably Sevastopol. The news of their departure was not believed in Constantinople until it was confirmed by the officers of a Russian merchantman which passed the warships in the Black Sea towards midnight steaming northwards. It appears that the Russian Ambassador ordered the Admiral yesterday at midday to sail at 9 o’clock last night for an unknown destination, adding that supplementary instructions would reach him on the high seas.

This sudden departure causes considerable emotion in diplomatic circles on the Bosporus and Turkish circles here. Influential members of the Committee whom I have had a opportunity of consulting express the belief that the departure of the warships is probably connected with the question of Adrianople and the reported military operations west of Maritza.

The report of the definite occupation of Gumuldjina by Turkish troops which was published in various Ottoman journals is now officially denied.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin