London Times, 19 February 1906, p. 6: THE SEAVSTOPOL MUTINY. ODESSA, FEB. 18.*

The trial of Lieutenant Schmidt and 39 others accused with him of participation in the mutiny at Sevastopol last November will be held next Tuesday in camera. Counsel for the defence decided to-day to appear in Court, and claim the right to summon their witnesses and arrange for a medical examination of the lieutenant, who is in a terrible condition, having refused to take food for six days because he was deprived of the visits of his relatives, and is suffering, moreover, from violent paroxysms. After making quite sure of a refusal counsel for the defence will retire without useless pleadings, and start for St. Petersburg to lay their protest before Count Witte and demand the immediate cessation of such an illegal proceeding as the trial and sentence to death of an insane man.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin