1861-10-11 RUSSIA

London Times, 11 October 1861, p. 8: RUSSIA.

A letter from St. Petersburg of the 21st says: --

"Great activity at present prevails in the port of Cronstadt. A squadron composed of corvettes, clippers, and other small vessels is being fitted out to sail for the Russian colonies in the Pacific, under the orders of Rear-Admiral Popov, one of the most brilliant heroes of Sebastopol. The Ilia-Mourometz, a frigate which formed part of the squadron sent to Syria, has within the last few days arrived in the roadstead; she accomplished the voyage from Beyrout to Cronstadt in less than two months, without any grave accident. No official report having been received for a long time of the frigate Svetlana, Captain Boutakov, which ought to have arrived from the Pacific, disquietude is felt about her. The last date at which she was heard of was the 20th of June. A fine new frigate, the Dmitrii Donskoi, was launched three days back in the New Admiralty Dockyard. She is built of oak, on the model of the Grand Admiral, one of the largest frigates constructed in the United States, and which was greatly admired by the English and French sailors at Beyrout. The length of the new vessel is 270ft., and her breadth 51ft. In about a fortnight or three weeks navigation may be considered as closed, as the thick fogs which are then sure to prevail will render access to the Gulf of Finland more difficult than ever."

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin