London Times, 16 March 1908, p. 6: THE RUSSIAN NAVY. St. Petersburg, March 14 (Reuters) The Government’s programme for new naval construction in 1908 includes an expenditure of 11,250,000 roubles (£1,125,000) on battleships, 960,000 roubles (£96,000) on torpedo craft, 700,000 roubles (£70,000) on floating base, and 1,250,000 roubles (£125,000) on submarines.

The joint committee appointed by the Committee of National Defence and the Budget Sub-Committee of the Duma has reported against the credit for battleships pending the complete reorganization of the Ministry of Marine, without which, it is pointed out, the satisfactory carrying out of a naval programme is not to be hoped for. The committee also urged the necessity of keeping warships in commission as long as possible every year, particularly in the Black Sea, where a minimum yearly service of ten months is advocated.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin