London Times, 22 February 1910, p. 4: BRITISH COAL FOR THE RUSSIAN NAVY. A contract has been drawn up, and was signed on February 18, between the Russian Government and Messrs. Milburn, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, for the shipping of coal from the coalfields of Northumberland and of South Wales to various Russian ports on the Baltic Sea.

This coal is destined for use in the Russian Navy, and the Russian Government, in asking for tenders, made it a condition, for the first time, that the coal should be delivered as far as possible by Russian steamers or steamers flying the Russian flag. The present contract is for rather less than 200,000 tons. The contracting firm guarantees to the ship at least 25 per cent. of the whole quantity by Russian steamers, and has therefore received the order. Some of the tendering firms offered lower prices than Messrs. Milburn, but did not guarantee the 25 per cent. This condition has been introduced by the Russian Government with a view to encouraging Russian shipowners to trade to British coaling ports with Russian produce and return with British coal.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin