London Times, 12 December 1929, p. 7: SOVIET SHIPS AT BREST. Owing to a confusion of names, it has been reported that three ships of the Soviet Government are making a cruise in foreign waters, but actually there are only two. One is the battleship PARIS COMMUNE, formerly called the SEVASTOPOL, which was laid down in 1909 and completed in 1915, a ship of the Dreadnought class of 23,000 tons, mounting 12 12in. guns. The other is the cruiser PROFINTERN, formerly the SVIETLANA, laid down in 1913, but not finished until 1925. She is of 6,800 tons, 29-1/2 knots speed, and armed with 15 5.1in. guns. The vessels have put into Brest for repairs. They are expected to make a cruise for training purposes in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin