This project would not be possible without help and encouragement of many people, whom it is my pleasure to acknowledge.

Tatiana Balahovskaya, the director of the Pyotr Kapitsa museum in Moscow, an early and enthusiastic supporter of this project, introduced me to Fedor Kapitsa, Alexey Krylov’s great-grandson. She also provided the photographs from the museum collections used in this book.

Professor Fedor Kapitsa gave permission for this translation and provided invaluable assistance with many research questions about Russian terminology.

Olga Volynsky designed a wonderful book cover for the electronic edition and for the hardcopy version that will be available in 2015.

Edmond Pope, the author of Torpedoed, and John A Murphy, an editor of the Emmitsburg News Journal, patiently answered my questions related to naval terminology and made numerous helpful suggestions, for which this landlubber is profoundly thankful.

Many scientists and specialists who answered specific questions about works, people, and terminology had considered their contribution not sufficiently significant to be mentioned. I respect their wishes, and am grateful for their help.

Lori Stephens has corrected my numerous offenses against English grammar and Chicago Manual of Style. Remaining errors are the result of me disagreeing with her advice in attempt to preserve Krylov’s style and of last-minute changes. Thanks for being a much better editor than I hoped for or deserved!

Lydia Razran Stone, the translator of Ivan Krylov’s “The Frogs who Begged for a Tsar” , graciously provided a new translation of Ivan Krylov’s lines and permitted their use.

Shelley Fairweather-Vega from FairVega Russian Translation Services won the competition for the best translation of Victor Burenin’s epigram and graciously permitted to use it for this book.

I am grateful to the staff of South Kingstown Public Library who patiently handled my numerous requests for rare and specialized books from other USA libraries, and to the whole library exchange system.

My husband, Alexander Meyerovich, has given me his love and support in this and many other projects. This project would not be possible without his support and advice.