London Times, 9 April 1906, p. 10: NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. (Excerpt) A Reuter telegram from Canea states that as the Russian warship KHRABRY was leaving Suda Bay for the Pireus on Saturday evening, with Prine George of Greece on board, she came into collision with the Italian torpedo cruiser IRIDE, striking her on the broadside. The IRIDE began to make water rapidly, and was taken in tow by a Russian torpedo-boat escorting the KHRABRY, but it was found necessary to beach her on account of the serious damage she had sustained. There was no loss of life. After effecting repairs the IRIDE resumed her anchorage. When the collision occurred the VENUS, cruiser, Capt. F.G. Eyre, the French guardship CONDOR, and the torpedo-boat FLECHE at once sent all their boats to the assiatnce of the IRIDE, and she was soon surrounded by about 40 boats. The captain of the VENUS left a British signalman on board the IRIDE to report the progress of the water through the leak.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin