London Times, 15 September 1913, p. 5: ARRIVAL AT PORTLAND OF THE RUSSIAN SQUADRON. The Russian naval squadron which is visiting Portland this week arrived yesterday afternoon. Of the 14 vessels expected 12 arrived – namely, the Rurik [Riurik], flying the flag of Admiral von Essen, Commander-in-Chief, the Tsarevitch [Tsesarevich] (with Vice-Admiral Baron Ferzen, the Slava, the Andrei Pervozvanni [Andrei Pervozvannyi], and the Imperator Pavel I., with three armored cruisers and four destroyers. The Pallada, armoured cruiser, and one other vessel were absentees.

Before the ships entered the harbour the Rurik saluted the country with 21 guns, and there was an answering salute of 21 guns from the British ships in the harbour and the batteries. Then the Dreadnought, flagship of Vice-Admiral C.J. Briggs, commanding the Fourth Battle Squadron, saluted the Russian Admiral with 18 guns and the Rurik similarly replied. The usual exchange of courtesies afterwards took place between the two Admirals, who visited each other’s ships.

It is expected that the Russian officers and men will be entertained at Portland and in London.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin