London Times, 7 August 1906, p. 3: THE RECENT MUTINIES. The investigation preliminary to the Court-martial at Kronstadt is not yet concluded. It is stated that Admiral Birileff favours most summary measures, even to the extent of decimating the mutineers, but the more responsible officers oppose this, believing that the result would be a general rising. Two members of the Duma belonging to the Group of Toil were implicated in the mutiny – M. Ompko, who was arrested at Kronstadt with a plan of the fortress in his possession, and M. Mikhailichenko, a miner from Ekaterinoslaff, who was arrested at Sveaborg. The Finnish Red Guard, which rendered assistance to the mutineers, has been disbanded by order of the Governor of Nyland, and the Diet has expressed a strong conviction that order can only be maintained if Finland once more is permitted to have an army of its own.

At a large workmen’s meeting held in Moscow yesterday the question of a general strike was discussed, but owing to a strongly marked division of opinion no decision was reached.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin