London Times, 18 December 1857, p. 10: THE RUSSIAN MERCHANT SERVICE IN THE BLACK SEA

. On Tuesday last a powerful iron screw steamship was launched from the building yard of Messrs. Charles Mitchell and Co., of Low Walker, on the Tyne. She is 1,100 tons builders' measurement, is named the Ondaloy, and is the property of the Russian Steam Navigation Company. She is built for the company's traffic in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azoff. In those localities the draught of water is limited, and the Ondaloy, when laden with a cargo of 1,100 tons deadweight will only draw 13 feet of water. It is intended to look to the sails as a motive power, and she is bark rigged, and fitted up with all the modern improvements. Forty-six vessels have been built, or are in course of building, for this company in England, and we believe that they will trade with almost every port in the Black Sea and the Levant. A large patent slip way and other machinery for repairing vessels at Odessa are also going out from England.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin