London Times, 11 September 1913, p. 5: VISIT OF RUSSIAN WARSHIPS. By arrangement between the British and Russian Governments a squadron of 14 Russian warships is about to pay a visit to British waters. While the object of the Russian squadron is to carry out a cruise, the visit is intended as a return for the visit of the British cruiser squadron to Reval in 1912.

The Russian squadron, which will be under the command of Admiral von Essen, who will fly his flag in the armoured cruiser Rurik [Riurik], built at Barrow, will comprise four battleships, five cruisers, four ocean-going destroyers, and one transport. The Russian ships will only touch at Portland, where they are due to arrive on Sunday, and will remain until the following Friday, when they will sail for Brest. The British Government is offering hospitality to the visitors both at Portland and London. In addition to the flagship, the Russian ships will be the battleships Tsarevitch [Tsesarevich] (Vice-Admiral Baron Ferzen), Slava, Andre Pervozvannyi [Andrei Pervozvannyi], and Pavel I. [Imperator Pavel i], the armoured cruisers Gromoboi, Admiral Makaroff, Bayan [Baian], and Pallada, four destroyers, and the transport Riga. Captain Wolkoff, Russian Naval Attaché, is proceeding to-day to Portsmouth and Portland in connexion with the visit.

Admiral von Essen is well known in naval circles as the officer who was in command of the cruiser Novik in the Russo-Japanese War. The vessel took part in every naval engagement, and finally escaped after the Tsushima disaster to the island of Sakhalin, where she was blown up in Russian waters by her commander. Admiral von Essen is the youngest officer of his grade in the Russian Navy.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin