1858-06-23 STEAM FLEET

London Times, 23 June 1858, p. 9: RUSSIAN MERCANTILE STEAM FLEET. Liverpool, June 21.

The Russian "Steam Trading and Navigation Company" are rapidly increasing their Black Sea and Mediterranean fleet, which now numbers 30 or 40 full-powered screw steamers of large capacity. The last addition to this fleet has just been finished building on the Mersey, having been constructed by Mr. John Laird at his new works at Birkenhead. She is named the Emperor Alexander, and is the second screw steamship of 1,100 tons and 350 horse-power built for that company by Mr. Laird. On Saturday the Emperor Alexander made a trial trip in the Channel, having on board a full load, consisting of 600 tons dead weight, with watertanks full and stores. She attained an average speed of 13¼ knots, or about 15 miles an hour, which, being fully loaded, is considered highly satisfactory.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin