London Times, 7 May 1868, p. 9: THE TRADE WITH ST. PETERSBURG.

Although there is no definite news of the opening of the Neva, several of the Hull steamers have left for St. Petersburg. The first to sail was the Lion, belonging to Messrs. Brownlow, Lumsden, and Co. She was followed on Monday by the Neva, belonging to Messrs. Donkerley, and on Tuesday by the Cossack, belonging to Messrs. Bailey and Leatham; the Bride, belonging to Messrs. Brown, Atkinson, and Co.; and the Dwina, owned by Messrs. Norwood, Hull and London. All these vessels have gone out very deeply laden, but the greater portion of their cargoes consists of coal, on which there is not a very large freightage.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin