London Times, 24 June 1910, p. 10: RUSSIAN NAVAL EXPENDITURE. During the debate on the Supplementary Naval Estimates in the Duma, M. Savitch, Reporter of the Committee on National Defence, explained that the £800,000 asked for improvement of dockyards and arsenals was intended (1) to bring up the capacity of the Oboukhof Works to an annual production of 36 12in. guns; (2) to enable the Izhora Works to produce 130,000 tons of armour-plate yearly; and (3) to build a dock in the Admiralty yard. All these additions were required for the four Dreadnoughts now building. The Duma voted the money, and also £400,000 to pay off debts contracted by the Oboukhof Works.

In answer to a question, Admiral Grigorovitch, the Assistant Minister of Marine, said that the publication in an English technical journal of the designs of the Russian Dreadnoughts, coupled with a severe criticism, was attributable to the intrigues of Russian agents of certain foreign shipbuilding yards. He declared that the designs were misleading.

The Duma sanctioned expenditure for the Naval Memorial Church, recommending that the names of Admiral Makaroff and all the seamen who fell in the war with Japan should be inscribed upon the walls of the edifice.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin