London Times, 9 April 1908, p. 5: THE NAVAL PROGRAMME. (From our own correspondent.) Pais, April 8. M. de Lanessan criticizes in the Siècle the advice given by the Temps to Russia that she should build as soon as possible a fleet of battleships in the Baltic. The former Minister of Marine is of the opinion that France has no interest in Russia spending money on a fleet which she could not send out of the Baltic even if she were strong, and which would be destroyed in the Baltic if it were not at least equal to the German fleet. His conclusion is that it would be a mistake to urge Russia to build ships which would be absolutely useless to her. Evidently both M. de Lanessan and the writer in the Temps take it for granted that if Russia did build ships it would be eventually to use them against Germany. Meanwhile, it is said that Russia intends to build 12 battleships in the course of the next five years, though nothing of any consequence can be done in the way of naval construction without a new loan.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin