London Times, 22 September 1913, p. 21: RUSSIAN SQUADRON AT BREST. (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.) PARIS, SEPT. 21. The Russian Baltic Squadron, under the command of Admiral von Essen, arrived yesterday at Brest from Portland. It is the largest Russian naval force which has anchored in French waters since the conclusion of the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1891. The Second French Squadron, under Vice-Admiral de Marolles, had entered the port earlier in the day and exchanged salutes with the Russian Squadron on its arrival. A programme of festivities has been organized in honour of the visit, including a dinner on Monday at which Vice-Admiral Chocheprat, the Maritime Prefect, will entertain the Russian officers.

Admiral von Essen received yesterday from Admiral Chocheprat the insignia of a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin