London Times, 9 May 1906, p. 5: NAVAL REORGANIZATION. ST. PETERSBURG, MAY 8.* An Imperial rescript to the Minister of Marine is published to-day pointing out the necessity of promptly reorganizing the Russian navy. As an entirely new system which will guarantee efficient work on the part of the Ministry of Marine is indispensable for the carrying out of this task, the Emperor commands that the General Staff of the Navy shall be reorganized on the following basis: –

The strategic section of the General Staff is to be detached from that witch deals with the mobilization of the fleet, which will become an independent responsible institution under the title of the Administration of the Naval General Staff. The principal working departments in the different seaports and the naval agents abroad will be subordinate to the administration, which will also have to decide upon the courses of study in naval science at the Nicholas Naval Academy, and to establish community of action between itself and the General Staff of the army with regard to national defence and the development of the military forces of the Empire. The Chief of the Administration will be a permanent member of the National Defence Council, and the reports of [to?] the Minister of Marine regarding the Administration must be presented by him to the Tsar in presence of the Minister. A special conference will be held immediately temporarily to pepare instructions and select suitable officers. The arrangements may afterwards be modified in the light of experience.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin