London Times, 23 July 1906, p. 5: MILITARY AND NAVAL DISAFFECTION. ST. PETERSBURG, JULY 21.* According to information received from private sources, 14 men of the 2nd Battalion of the Preobrazhensky Regiment, including two non-commissioned officers, have been arrested for carrying on an agitation among the troops and conveyed to the fortress of Peter and Paul.

Two squadrons, one of dragoons and one of hussars, have been sent to Kronstadt owing to the recurring ferment among the troops and sailors there.

A cipher telegram has been received from Sevastopol stating that at a meeting of 2,500 sailors of the Black Sea Fleet a list of economic demands was drawn up for presentation to Admiral Skrydloff, the new Commander-in-Chief. Unless these are granted, a revolt of the whole fleet is threatened.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin