London Times, 14 May 1898, p. 7: THE RUSSIAN NAVAL PROGRAMME

(From our own Correspondent). St. Petersburg, May 12.

In view of the questions recently put in the House of Commons, and in addition to the Russian naval programme described in my despatch published in The Times of May 4, it may now be stated that the Russian plan of naval construction in the immediate future includes three first-class battleships to be laid down in St. Petersburg this summer, three more as soon as the requisite slips for the same shall be vacant, one battleship and one cruiser ordered of Messrs. Cramp in the United States, and 15 to 20 torpedo-boat destroyers. It was intended to order most of these latter in America, but owing to the war with Spain the Admiralty is reluctantly compelled to think of having them built in England.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin