London Times, 15 August 1907, p. 3: RUSSIA./THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE NAVY. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) ST. PETERSBURG, AUG. 14. The Russ to-day publishes an article purporting to be written by a naval expert who attended the trials of the Rurik, in which the builders and the cruiser are violently criticized. The article so palpably distorts the facts that it would not deserve notice were it not whispered in navy circles that it is but the commencement of a Press campaign against English yards the object of which is to prevent the Admiralty from inviting English builders to participate in the construction of the proposed “Dreadnoughts” here.

The Government has initiated in the Rossiya a campaign against trade unions, which have been reviving lately as the result of the dissatisfaction of the workmen with the Social Democradts.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin