1866-02-22 RUSSIA

London Times, 22 February 1865, p. 10: RUSSIA.

The Cronstadt Messenger gives the following account of the works executed in the port of Sebastopol between the 1st of January and the 10th of November, 1865: -- In the first line, which runs from Constantine Point on the north side to Alexander Point on the south side, the Varna, ship of the line, has been entirely removed, and the Salaphail partially, the lower parts only remaining. The Tri-Sviatitelia is in nearly the same state. The greater part of the Ourul man-of-war and the Sizolpol still remains under water. In the second line, where the vessels had been sunk checker-wise, between the batteries Michael and No. 14 on the north side, and the Nicholas and Paul points on the south, the vessel Jaqoudul has been completely removed, and the Khrabry, Tchesma, Paris, Rostislaw, and Sviatoslaw in part, the lower portion of the hulls only remaining below. The Twelve Apostles is also partially removed, and its hull is to be raised by means of floating butts, an operation which will be attended by great difficulty. The getting up of the Marie and Constantine has not been commenced. The frigate Kagoul has been wholly raised, and some portions of the frigates Midia and Micevria. There have been already recovered 2,200 pouds (36 tons) of copper, 5,500 pouds (90 tons) of iron, 1,200 cannons, 4,000 balls, 12,000 cast-iron ballast pigs, 100 chain cables, and a vast quantity of miscellaneous stores.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin