1908-01-28 Demands for the Navy

London Times, 28 January 1908, p. 5: “Russia. Demands for the Navy.” (From our own correspondent). St. Petersburg, Jan. 27. The resistance of the Octobrist leaders to the Government’s plans of rebuilding the navy has already weakened. The programme, I understand, provides for an expenditure of 2¼ milliards of roubles (£225,000,000), spread over 12 years, or about £19,000,000 a tear. The recalcitrant Octobrists are already willing to vote on a milliard (£100,000,000), and their followers will readily subscribe to whatever the Government asks. This implies the Duma’s assent to a large loan, which will be necessary to cover this year’s deficit.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin