London Times, 17 September 1913, p. 4: THE RUSSIAN NAVAL VISIT. Large numbers of sailors from the Russian ships in Portland Roads were again allowed ashore yesterday, and most of them proceeded to Weymouth, where they are very popular with the townsmen and tradespeople, who speak in the highest terms of their uniformly good behaviour.

If a comparison between the sailors of to-day and those seen when Russian warships were last at Portland affords any criterion of the improvement in the Russian Navy, the improvement is not confined to the ships. The sailors are smarter in appearance, and their manners ashore have evoked the warmest praise from the townsfolk. They are fraternizing with the British sailors with the greatest good will, and their visit is proving a great success. Admiral von Bisan [sic; Essen] is meeting the wishes of the local authorities in every way possible, and last night he allowed the band of the Rurik [Riurik] to play in the Alexandra Gardens, where the concert attracted a large audience.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin