London Times, 31 October 1907, p. 3: NAVAL MUTINY AT VLADIVOSTOK. /TOWN SHELLED BY A DESTROYER. VLADIVOSTOK, OCT. 30.* The crew of the destroyer Skory, incited by agitators, including a Jewess who had managed to get on board, mutinied to-day and hoisted the red flag. The Skory then steamed out into the bay and opened fire on the town and the troops on shore. The gunboat Mandschur, and the destroyers Grosovoy, Smely, and Serdity replied to her fire. The 12th Artillery Regiment also turned their guns on her, and she was soon riddled with shells and was beached to save her from sinking.

The agitators were killed during the cannonade, and the rest of the mutineers were arrested.

Among those killed in the engagement were Captain Kurosch, commander of the torpedo-boat Ravy, and Lieutenant Stoer, commander of the Skory. Lieutenant Vassilieff, commanding the destroyer Serdity, was wounded.

The town is quiet. A few persons were killed by the Skory’s shells. A state of siege has been proclaimed.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin