London Times, 22 October 1906, p. 5: LAUNCH OF A NEW BATTLESHIP. (FROM A CORRESPONDENT.) ST. PETERSBURG, OCT. 21. The battleship Andrei Pervosvanni, of an improved Cesarevitch type, was launched on Saturday without noteworthy incident. Only a few officials were present. The naval attachés were not invited owing to fears of an outrage. The vessel was laid down in 1903 and will be completed in 1909. Several changes have been introduced in conformity with the lessons of the war. These include a complete armour belt, heavy deck armour, and a reduction of the small armament. The Andrei Pervosvanni will carry four 12in. and 12 8in. guns, all in turrets. The dimensions as now given are – displacement, 17,400 tons; length, 460ft., beam, 80ft.; depth, 27ft. She is fitted with 25 Belleville boilers to develop 17,600 h.p., giving a speed of 18 knots.

The naval reorganization scheme is not yet published. I hear that an extensive programme of shipbuilding will be included. According to some versions the total outlay this year will be raised from £5,000,000 to £11,000,000. It is hinted that the money will come from the Privy purse.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin