London Times, 22 December 1910, p. 5: THE DUMA AND THE NAVY. OBJECTION TO CARDIFF COAL. ST. PETERSBURG, DEC. 21* The Duma has devoted two sittings to discussing the explanations from the Minister of Marine regarding the purchase of Cardiff coal for Vladivostok Harbour, and to-day adopted by 112 votes to 91, an order of the day, proposed by the Nationalists, declaring that the Russian Fleet, both in peace and war, should use only Russian coal, and that the Commission which is revising the Imperial order on affairs of the Navy should devote especial attention to a matter so important to the state.

The Duma also decided unanimously to interpellate the Minister of Marine on the defects developed by the battleship Slava while on her way from Portsmouth to Algeria.

Provided by Stephen McLaughlin